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WHY Solorio

At Solorio, we are committed to providing a rigorous and engaging academic experience that challenges and inspires students. We offer a variety of high quality educational resources and opportunities that help prepare our students for success in college and beyond. 

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college readiness programs

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The 4 Pathways to Help Our Kids Get Ahead

  • Early College Program
  • Traditional College Preparation
  • CTE Pre-Engineering
  • CTE Web Design 


Advanced Placement & Dual Credit Courses

Biology (AP & Dual Credit) 


Computer Science

English Language and Composition 

English Literature 

Environmental Science 

Human Geography Precalculus (Dual Credit) 

English (Dual Credit) 

Government & Politics 


Psychology Spanish Literature 

Spanish Language 

Studio Art 

U.S. History


Our students in both junior and senior year are exposed to a rigorous seminar curriculum designed to support their personal growth, academic achievement, and plan for postsecondary success. In their senior year, students and their families receive intensive support in navigating the college application process and securing necessary financial aid. A team of College & Career Coaches, an Alumni Coordinator, and School Counselors support students’ college decision and enrollment process throughout their high school career and in the time after graduation as alumni

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Alumni Support Services

  • Transcript Release Form
  • Financial Aid Application Assistance
  • Resume Building
  • Transfer Assistance

Post Secondary Pathways

  • College
  • Employment
  • Apprenticeship
  • Gap Year Programs
  • Military
  • Job Training Programs

“Even though my son graduated two years ago, has been able to come back to Solorio to get help with his FAFSA and to seek advice on potential career paths, decisions, and opportunities.”

–Solorio Parent

Rigorous Core Subject programs

Visual & Performing Arts

English Language Arts

Mathematics Department

Physical Education

Science Department

Social Science

World Languages


For our severe and profound students, our staff members go above and beyond to provide them with the necessary support and care they need to thrive. Moreover, this level of care and compassion extends to students in the general education program who interact with these students on a regular basis.

Because of this interaction students in the general education program learn valuable life skills, such as compassion, empathy, and respect, And for our severe and profound students, they receive the care and attention they need to succeed academically, socially, and emotionally, all while feeling welcomed and safe in our school community.

Overall, our school is a place where everyone is valued and respected for who they are, and where all students can learn, grow, and thrive together.

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We believe in providing the best sports experience for both boys and girls. We offer a wide range of sports that cater to every interest and skill level, as well as top-notch facilities including weight and cardio rooms and a football field equipped with lights. At Solorio, we are dedicated to providing a safe, welcoming, and inclusive environment for all of our athletes to thrive in.

CLUBS Powered by Students

At Solorio, we provide our students with an almost overwhelming amount of student-initiated and run clubs. We even have a club dedicated to making the school more sustainable. The “Zero Waste” club members work tirelessly to make sure our school community adopts sustainable practices in their daily lives. Click here to learn more.

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DRESSED For Success & Safety

We believe that providing students with structure and a dress code is an important part of keeping our students safe, both physically and emotionally. By having uniforms, we can easily identify who is a student and who is a visitor. Additionally, wearing a uniform instills a sense of pride and respect for the school and its students, giving our students an opportunity to look and feel their best.

YOUR HEALTH Is Your Wealth

At Solorio, we recognize that academic success is closely tied to one's physical and mental well-being.  That's why we're proud to offer a comprehensive year-long course called "Personal Wellness." In this program, our students will not only learn about the benefits of exercise and proper nutrition, but they will also receive practical instruction on how to use exercise equipment.

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“My hope is that my students leave me with an appreciation for taking care of their health and their overall well-being at a young age. And that maybe they will share what they learn with their family and friends.”

–Mr. Lawson, PE Teacher


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