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The Big Picture

Parent involvement is crucial to the success of a school. We encourage parental involvement through the various parent groups under LSC, PAC, and BAC.

Local School Council (LSC)

The Local School Council (LSC) holds monthly public meetings in the school and approves the school budget, oversees principal evaluation, retention and hiring, and approves the school improvement plan (CIWP).


Parent Advisory Committee (PAC)

The primary goal of the Parent Advisory Committee (PAC) is to empower parents to inspire and support their children to achieve educational goals, which are not limited to, graduation from high school


Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC)

The goal of the Bilingual Advisory Committee (BAC) is to help parents of ELs develop leadership skills for effective participation in schools and to advocate for the academic, social, and cultural development of all ELs.



Do you want help understanding how to look at your student's grades in the ASPEN system or to understand what a report card is saying about your student's academic progress? Check out the videos shared below!

How to read grades in ASPEN parent portal

How to read a report card