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College Research Resources

There are many resources available for students and families to research high quality college options. We encourage you to check them out below and to reach out to members of the Postsecondary Support Team so that you can learn more about college options that are academic, social, and financial fits based on individual circumstances and preferences.
The search feature of Naviance is a great place to begin researching information about schools. A simple search of school names provides a great deal of information about schools such as graduation rates, acceptance rates, academic programs, visit and virtual tour options, application deadlines, and links to more information. Students can use selectivity scattergrams to see how their GPA and test scores compare to Solorio alumni who also applied to different institutions.
Even though test-optional has made selectivity a bit more confusing these days, students may have a general sense of the selectivity level of a school based on their GPA and previous test scores. The lists included in the folder linked above are meant to be a helpful starting point for students and families looking for options the Postsecondary Support Team might recommend due to our current knowledge of factors such as acceptance rates, persistence trends, academic programs offered, and affordability.
The Illinois Association for College Admissions Counseling provides yearly reports on the public in-state 4-year institutions. These reports provide a detailed summary of each institution and includes contact information and links to learn more information about each school
The City Colleges of Chicago each specialize in different programs and focus areas. Students that are interested in learning more about where they can begin their postsecondary journey at the CCCs should check out the program finder. This tool provides details about certifications and degrees offered within different focus areas and allows students to see more details specific pathway options.