School Counseling


School Counseling Vision Statement:

The vision of the Eric Solorio Academy High School Counseling Department is for our students to empower themselves, their family, and the community by being lifelong learners who attain their maximum potential by succeeding in college and career. This is accomplished by incorporating academic achievement, personal development, and post­secondary planning through data driven programs and interventions. The counselors of Eric Solorio Academy High School support all children with different learning styles, learning disabilities or other special needs who are willing to engage in a challenging academic environment.


School Counseling Department’s Mission:

The Solorio Counseling Department will address the unique needs of all students by establishing and implementing support systems in educational, social, emotional and career development through positive partnerships with our community members, our parents, and school staff. We aim to support students in acquiring the knowledge, skills and discipline to pursue a post­secondary pathway.


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Looking for mental health resources? Please see our Google Doc below for more information, and do not hesitate to contact us with any questions.

Mrs. Gabriela (Rulka) Zuzga

[email protected]


Mrs. Danielle Mitchell

[email protected]


9th: SLC 201-204

10th: SLC 101-104

11th: SLC 001-003

12th: SLC 901-903


Mrs. Christina Dominguez

[email protected]


9th: SLC 205-208

10th: SLC 105-109

11th: SLC 004-007

12th: SLC 904-906


Mrs. Nicole Williams-McDonald

[email protected]

773-535-9070 ext. 13851

9th: SLC 209-212

10th: SLC 110-112

11th: SLC 008-010

12th: SLC 907-910