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Eric Solorio Academy High School

2021-22 Organizational List

*Denotes Dept. Chair  


Admin Team

Victor Iturralde- Principal:  [email protected] 

Cesar Balcazar-AP:  [email protected]

Rosa Jimenez- AP: [email protected]

Katie Patton- AP: [email protected]


Math Dept. Faculty

*Michael Konkoleski:  [email protected]

-Resident: Victoria Yonter

Amy Davis: [email protected]

Elyse Konkoleski: [email protected]

Robert Clarke: [email protected]

Mary Manske: [email protected]

Lynese Britton-Nailer: [email protected]

Scott Whitcomb: [email protected]

Conor Cameron [email protected]

José  Zaragoza: [email protected]

Adrian Marquez-Mata: [email protected]

Amalia Coughlan: [email protected]


English Dept. Faculty

*Melanie Dunn:[email protected]

Samantha Gualito: [email protected]

Karen Schopf: [email protected]

Jennifer Westfallen: [email protected]

Samson Widerman: [email protected]

Juliana Boccumini: [email protected]

Molly McCartt: [email protected]

Joseph Gondolfi: [email protected]

Lauren Wilkie: [email protected]

Kaley Jowers: [email protected]

Phil Wisniewski: [email protected]

Viridiana Lopez: [email protected]


Science Dept. Faculty

*Elliot Michel: [email protected]

Mariel Rancel: [email protected]

Timothy Nystrand: [email protected]

Joshua Paschedag: [email protected]

Paloma Corro: [email protected]

Deanna Digitale-Grider: [email protected]

Breanna Fritz: [email protected]

Greta Kringle: [email protected]

Andrew Au: [email protected]


Spanish Dept. Faculty

*Vanessa Grzenia: [email protected]

Laura Dignani: [email protected]

Richard Flack: [email protected]

Emma Campbell: [email protected]

Griselda Puentes: [email protected]


Fine Arts  Dept. Faculty

*Andrew Sons: [email protected]

Emily Vaught: [email protected]

Alonso Salgado: [email protected]

Madeleine Mollinedo: [email protected]


Computer Science Dept. Faculty

*Ivan Diaz: [email protected]

Joseph  Graciosa: [email protected]

Francisco Rodriguez: [email protected]


Social Science Dept. Faculty

*Chris Vienna: [email protected]

Laura Kroncke: [email protected]

Shelby Nordstedt: [email protected]

Charlotte Piwowar: [email protected]

Isabel Godinez: [email protected]

Brian Juozitis: [email protected]

Stephanie Naegele: [email protected]

Elise Scarbeary: [email protected]

Sam Barnett: [email protected]

Jaasiel Sotelo: j[email protected]

Stephen Collins: [email protected]


Fine Arts  Dept. Faculty

*Andrew Sons: [email protected]

Emily Vaught: [email protected]

Alonso Salgado: [email protected]

Madeleine Mollinedo: [email protected]


PE Dept. Faculty

*Robert Dron: [email protected]

Matthew Lawson: [email protected]

John Erlenbaugh: [email protected]

Bill Ziemba: [email protected]

Joseph Mende: [email protected]

Chris Thomas: [email protected]


DL Dept. Faculty

*Patty Knytych: [email protected]du

Ayanna Peden- Case Manager: [email protected]

Crystal Fuentes: [email protected]

Nora Wengerski: [email protected]

Susan Kus-Michaels- SPH: [email protected]

Kara Brace: [email protected]

Rochelle Whitehorn: [email protected]

Diego Garcia: [email protected]

Abby Jefferson: [email protected]

Kathleen Griffin: [email protected]

Jason Beer: [email protected]

Danyelle Dron: [email protected]

Max Boyso: [email protected]


STEM Dept.

Daniel Baush- STEM Int. Specialist/Coach: [email protected]

Laura Vaca- STEM Program Manager: [email protected]

Esperanza Valle - Social Service Assistant (STEM, Post Sec & Parent Engagement): [email protected]


EL Support

Adrian Calleros- EL Liaison/Asst. AD: [email protected]

Miguel Ramirez- Bil Inst Support: [email protected]

Deisy Garcia- Bil Inst Support: [email protected]

Nancy Garza-Bil Inst Support:[email protected]


ASC/MTSS Support Staff

Roberto Ochoa- Student Supports Manager: [email protected]

Catlin Watts- Youth Intervention Specialist: [email protected]


Counseling and Postsecondary Support Staff

*Gabriela Rulka-Zuzga Counselor: [email protected]

-Intern: Yiczel Diaz: [email protected]

Nicole Williams-McDonald Counselor: [email protected]

-Intern: Ashley Bland: [email protected]

Christina Dominguez- Counselor: [email protected]

George St. John- Counselor: [email protected]

Jessica Vargas - Counselor: [email protected]

Linnett Richards – Counseling Clerk: [email protected]

Stephanie Gonzalez Rodriguez - Assessment Support/Security support [email protected]

Jacob Caplan- College + Career Coach: [email protected]

Rigo Padilla Pérez- College + Career Coach: [email protected]

Esperanza Valle - Social Service Assistant (STEM, Post Sec & Parent Engagement): [email protected]

Cristina Henriquez- WOW Counselor: [email protected]



Elisabet Ramirez-Garcia- Programmer/Grade Coord: [email protected]

Clerks/Office Personnel

Socorro Banda-Dammar- Att. Clerk: [email protected]

Kimberly Dalton-Patterson- Clerk: [email protected]

Carmen Alvarez- Office Support: [email protected]

Gabriela Victor: Office Support: [email protected] 

Fabiola Arroyo- Clerk: [email protected]

Tech Support

Ernesto Serrano- Tech Coordinator: [email protected]

Miguel Rosales- Tech Support: [email protected]

RJ Student Support Personnel

Frankie Matos- Dean: [email protected]

Lucresia Ortiz - Dean: [email protected]

Student Activities Personnel

Jeanette Jara- After School Programs/Library Asst: [email protected]

Andres Hernandez- Athletic Director: [email protected]

Support Staff

Andrea Villalobos- Cares Room Attendant: [email protected]

Lyzett Sanchez- Misc Employee:  [email protected]

Security Personnel

*Kalinka Gutierrez- Head of Security: [email protected]

Robert Oden: [email protected]

Oscar Ramirez: o[email protected]

Geronimo Molina: [email protected]

Cynthia Jauregui: [email protected]

Stephanie Gonzalez Rodriguez - Assessment Support/Security support :  [email protected]

Officer Burrell- Off Duty PO: [email protected]

Det. Barrientos- Off Duty PO: [email protected]


SECA Personnel

Sintia Alvarez: [email protected]

Lilliana Hernandez: [email protected]

Justin Rhymes: [email protected]

Angyed Avalos: aavalos2[email protected]

Maria Castro: [email protected]

Miguel Danzot: [email protected]

Valeria Jolliff: [email protected]

Alesha Roberts: [email protected]

Muda Smith: [email protected]

Monserrat DelCarmen: mdelcarmen1[email protected]

Donnetta Williams: [email protected]

Engineering Dept./Custodial Staff

Paul Partyka -AM Engineer: [email protected]

Jennifer Hill- Engineer: [email protected]

Angelica Torres- Custodian (AM)

Francisco Rubio- Custodian (AM)


Yolanda Martin (SW)   [email protected]

 Manuela Casas-Trejo (PSYCH)  [email protected]

Joycie McCoy (CSN) [email protected]

Hillary Castle (HSN) [email protected]

Audreena Coleman (LPN) [email protected]

Toccara Cruz (LPN) [email protected]

Lindsey Graciak (SPL) [email protected]

Seema Gadre (PT) [email protected]

Nakii Wilson (OT) [email protected]